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    Malcolm Turnbull Has Lost Control of his Own Government on Guns

    The Turnbull Government goes into COAG this week hopelessly divided on gun control, endangering the legacy of John Howard's gun reforms. Last night, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce called for the Adler A110 lever-action shotgun to be let into Australia as a Category B weapon, bringing him into direct conflict with Mr Turnbull.   "In the National Party, we've said we believe it should be a Category B. That's our position."  - Barnaby Joyce, ABC 7.30, 5 December 2016   Just two weeks ago, the Nationals split from the Government on the floor of the Senate to vote to lift the ban on the Ad...

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    Firearm Theft Soars As Liberals Play Politics

    Figures released today by Gun Control Australia show that while the Liberals and Nationals are playing politics with gun control, record numbers of stolen firearms are entering the illicit gun market in Australia. The data shows that an alarming 3,542 firearms stolen from legal gun owners entered the illicit firearms market in 2014-15. This is 633 more guns flooding into the illicit firearms market than in the previous year. In Justice Minister Michael Keenan’s home state of Western Australia, the number of firearms stolen has doubled in the space of a year. This alarming data comes only a week after the Natio...

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    Greater Dandenong Labor Members fight for 18C

    Federal Labor Members Mark Dreyfus, Clare O’Neil and Julian Hill will hold a community forum in Dandenong on Thursday 8 December in support of retaining Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. Section 18C is the law that protects against racial hate speech, making it unlawful for a person to insult, humiliate, intimidate or offend someone because of their race or ethnic background. “Labor will fight to keep Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. It has protected our community against racial hate speech for over 20 years and there is no good reason that it should be changed now,” Mr Dreyfus sai...

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