Dismay over funding cuts to social services

Posted 17th March 2015 by Clare O'Neil in News | 0 Comment

In March, I spoke in Parliament about funding cuts to social services in Hotham. 

The Springvale Benevolent Society has been servicing the community for 53 years. They are an essential part of the social services network of my community. This team of hard working volunteers delivers food, blankets and other essentials for the people in my community who are doing it the toughest.

Last year, The Springvale Benevolent Society received some bad news. Their entire budget of emergency relief had been cut.

In doing so, the government has expanded the group of people who would be relying on these last point of call services.

This is a funding cut directed to people who have been at the back of an unemployment queue for years. This funding cut is directed at the homeless. It is directed to people with mental illness. All of these people are people who do not have food in the cupboard at certain points in the month – these are the most vulnerable Australians.

This is no way to treat our hard working and diligent volunteers.

These services will not give up the fight, and neither will I.



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