Save Medicare

Posted 21st October 2014 by Clare O'Neil in News | 0 Comment

I recently tabled 5,582 signatures in the Federal Parliament, protesting against the Abbott Government’s proposed cuts to Medicare.

The message sent to the Abbott Government was clear ‘hands off our Medicare’.

The Abbott Government’s proposed introduction of a $7 GP co-payment means many will put off seeing a health practitioner adding further pressure to already stressed emergency departments and hospitals.

The astounding response to the petition shows just how out of touch this government is with the community and the struggles that ordinary Australians are facing.

Medicare was introduced by Labor in 1973 to provide equitable and efficient means of health insurance for all Australians. It was a policy that brought equity to Australian health care, a policy that replaced an ailing, inefficient medical system that privileged those who could afford to pay.

Over its three decade Medicare has continued to be attacked by the conservatives, but Labor has and will continue to fight for it.

Medicare shares incredibly wide support in the community, not just in Hotham but right across Australia.

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