Malcolm Turnbull Has Lost Control of his Own Government on Guns

Posted 6th December 2016 by Josh Sinclair in Articles, News, Policy | 0 Comment

The Turnbull Government goes into COAG this week hopelessly divided on gun control, endangering the legacy of John Howard’s gun reforms.

Last night, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce called for the Adler A110 lever-action shotgun to be let into Australia as a Category B weapon, bringing him into direct conflict with Mr Turnbull.


“In the National Party, we’ve said we believe it should be a Category B. That’s our position.”

 – Barnaby Joyce, ABC 7.30, 5 December 2016


Just two weeks ago, the Nationals split from the Government on the floor of the Senate to vote to lift the ban on the Adler A110 lever-action shotgun. Not a single Nationals senator voted for Mr Turnbull’s position on the Adler.

Even after this humiliating split, Members of Mr Turnbull’s team continue to defy him.

In the past week, members of Mr Turnbull’s team, Member for Parkes, Mark Coulton, and Member for Flynn, Ken O’Dowd, have spoken out against proposals tighten access to the Adler by classifying it as a Category D weapon.

Yesterday, Senator Bridget McKenzie doubled down on the Nationals’ support for the Adler, describing opponents of the shooting lobby as the “smashed avocado curtain”.

This backlash is also coming from members of Mr Turnbull’s Liberal party, with Member for Moore, Ian Goodenough, today also calling for the Adler to be classified as a Category B weapon.

If the Turnbull Government cannot unite on gun control, it cannot ensure community safety.

Mr Turnbull must explain what position his Government will be taking to this week’s COAG meeting.

Mr Turnbull must also explain what steps he has taken to ensure that he can command the support of his own government on the Adler.

The Liberals have already shown themselves willing to trade our world-leading gun laws away for a vote on one bill in the Senate. The Nationals are fighting to weaken our gun laws.

Mr Turnbull and his team cannot be trusted on gun safety. They are too compromised and too divided.

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