Firearm Theft Soars As Liberals Play Politics

Posted 30th November 2016 by Josh Sinclair in Articles, News, Policy | 0 Comment

Figures released today by Gun Control Australia show that while the Liberals and Nationals are playing politics with gun control, record numbers of stolen firearms are entering the illicit gun market in Australia.

The data shows that an alarming 3,542 firearms stolen from legal gun owners entered the illicit firearms market in 2014-15. This is 633 more guns flooding into the illicit firearms market than in the previous year. In Justice Minister Michael Keenan’s home state of Western Australia, the number of firearms stolen has doubled in the space of a year.

This alarming data comes only a week after the National Party split from the Government on gun control and voted to lift the ban on the Adler A110 lever-action shotgun.

Last week, every single National Party Senator – including three Ministers – refused to vote to support the continuation of the ban on the Adler A110 lever-action shotgun

Liberals and Nationals across Australia are still bitterly divided on whether the ban on the Adler should remain.

Gun safety should be above the division and dysfunction of the Turnbull Government.

Next week the Government will attend a COAG meeting to finalise the review of the National Firearms Agreement and decide whether to let the Adler shotgun into Australia.

The Government must explain what steps it will take to address this alarming trend before it lets any more guns into Australia.

Unfortunately, it is clear that the Nationals are still trying to lift the ban. If they had got their way, these weapons could have all too easily ended up on our streets.

We have a record number of guns being stolen directly from legal gun owners and entering the illicit market, yet they want to let more dangerous weapons in.

The Liberals are too busy playing political games to take this issue seriously and we are deeply concerned that this ultimately will cost lives.

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